CQD-funded projects

Projects funded within the 3rd call for proposals (Oct 2013)

Strongly coupled polarons in a Fermi-Bose mixture at large mass ratios
Kuhnle/Weidemüller/Enss/Salmhofer (Physics Institute/Institute for Theoretical Physics)

Phase structures of long range interacting quantum systems
Whitlock/Weidemüller/Pawlowski/Wetterich (Physics Institute/Institute for Theoretical Physics)

Single polarons and polaron-polaron interactions
Jochim/Enss (Physics Institute/Institute for Theoretical Physics)

Quantum optics approach to polaron physics
Scelle/Komnik/Oberthaler (Institute for Theoretical Physics/Kirchhoff Institute for Physics)

Probing quantum phase transitions with sudden quenches
Gasenzer/Oberthaler (Institute for Theoretical Physics/Kirchhoff Institute for Physics)

Cold Atom Gauge Theories
Berges/Gasenzer/Pawlowski/Jochim/Oberthaler/Schmiedmayer/Weidemüller (Institute for Theoretical Physics/Physics Institute/Kirchhoff Institute for Physics)

Projects funded within the 2nd call for proposals (Oct 2011)

Optical imaging of spatial correlations in a Rydberg excited gas
Whitlock/Weidemüller/Evers/Komnik (Physics Institute/Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics/Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Universal few-body physics
Weidemüller/Jochim/Wetterich/Pawlowski (Physics Institute/Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Instabilities, Toplogical Excitations, and Matter-wave Turbulence
Berges/Gasenzer/Pawlowski/Oberthaler (Institute for Theoretical Physics/Kirchhoff Institute for Physics)
Tunneling dynamics of few particle systems to open space
Streltsov (Institute of Theoretical Chemistry)
Boson-fermion mixtures
Oberthaler/Weidemüller/Pawlowski/Wetterich (Kirchhoff Institute for Physics/Physics Institute/Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Hard x-ray experiments at the MOTRIMS setup
Tashenov/Weidemüller (Physics Institute)
From few- to many-body systems
Jochim/Weidemüller/Gasenzer/Pawlowski (Physics Institute/Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Imaging molecular structure by femtosecond laser-driven quantum interference
Pfeifer/Keitel/Cederbaum (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics/Institute of Physical Chemistry)

Projects funded within 1st call for proposals (March 2010)

Investigation of energy transfer via ICD in coupled quantum dots
Cederbaum/Grunze (Institute of Physical Chemistry)
Correlation and cooperative effects in quantum optical light-matter interfaces
Evers/Gasenzer (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics/Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Pre-delocalization of energy in the medium of interacting two-level systems
Fine (Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Casimir-Polder Force between an Atom and a Liquid
Fine, DeKieviet, Wimberger (Institute for Theoretical Physics/Physics Institute)
Strong matter-wave turbulence and dynamical critical points
Gasenzer/Oberthaler (Institute for Theoretical Physics/Kirchhoff Institute for Physics)
Crystallization and Counting Statistics in Ultracold Rydberg-Gases
Weidemüller/Komnik (Physics Institute/Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Attosecond Dynamics and Control of the Quantum-Amplitude and -Phase of Electrons in AR vs. N2 Fe-Cycle Strong-Field Interactions
Pfeiffer/Cederbaum/Ullrich/Moshammer (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics/Institute of Physical Chemistry)
Transport across an open Bose-Hubbard chain
Wimberger/Komnik/Madronero (Institute for Theoretical Physics)

Individual project Startup funding

Synthetic quantum systems: Na-Li mixtures
Jendrzejewski (Kirchhoff-Institute for Physics) - 2016

Theory of spectroscopy, dynamics and numerical methods for complex materials
Haverkort (Institute for Theoretical Physics) - 2016
Single-photon dressing of Rydberg nP-states of fermionic potassium
Whitlock (Physics Institute) - 2015
Feldtheoretische Untersuchungen zur Strukturbildung in Teilchenensembles
Bartelmann (ZAH/Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics) - 2015
Lithium D1 cooling
Kuhnle/Weidemüller (Physics Institute) - 2015
Prof. Dr. M. Weidemüller
Physikalisches Institut
Im Neuenheimer Feld 226
69120 Heidelberg
Petra Hübler
24.4.2024 17:00 - 18:30
Fractal ground state of Wigner chains in periodic potentials
Prof. Dr. Giovanna Morigi, Naturwissenschaftlich-Technische Fakult├Ąt, Universit├Ąt des Saarlandes, KIP, HS 2