CQD Special Seminar

29. March 2019 14:00

Konferenzraum 4, 01.106, Physikalisches Institut, INF 226

Electromagnetically induced transparency in a Rydberg gas

Professor Wenhui Li
Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore

In this talk, I will review several Rydberg EIT experiments we have been working on in our group. This includes EIT spectral shifts and dephasing in an interacting Rydberg gas, microwave assisted Rydberg EIT, and imaging ions with Rydberg EIT.


Prof. Dr. M. Weidemüller
Physikalisches Institut
Im Neuenheimer Feld 226
69120 Heidelberg
Petra Hübler
29.5.2024 10:00 - 11:30
Persistent currents and vortices in binary and dipolar condensates
Prof. Stephanie Reimann, Department of Physics, Faculty of Engineering & Faculty of Science, Lund University, Sweden, EINC, INF 225a, Seminarraum 1